Adding value for future generations

Stücki Park – where bright minds meet. People come here to research and work, to learn, to meet, to chat, to be entertained, to relax or just to have fun.



  • Innovation – Experience – Health – Shopping
  • Business hub with workspace for 4,000 people
  • Area of 111,000 m2
  • Opening/completion of two further new office and laboratory buildings with a total area of 13,500 m2


  • Opening/completion of the first two new office and laboratory buildings with a total area of 14,100 m2
  • Conference centre for talks, exhibitions and much more
  • Multiplex cinema with 14 screens
  • Bowling alley


  • Opening of the Village at the heart of Stücki Park
  • Communal centre where people come to meet
  • Workspace for 1,950 people


  • Transformation of Stücki Park
  • The approach is human-centred. As well as adding shopping and entertainment, enhancements are made to facilities for employees.


  • Opening of the Technologiepark Basel reinforces the location as a business hub.


  • 84,000 m2 for development of the district
  • The Stücki shopping centre opens in September. At the same time, the medical technology company Medartis moves into its premises in the north of the area.


  • A centre for culture and cultures
  • After industry come art and entertainment, with performances, events and all-night parties. A spirit of innovation still reigns. The Stücki area becomes a magnet, attracting people from around the world.


  • Pioneering spirit
  • In the 19th century, Basel’s dyeing business led to industrialisation. Basel’s dye works was among the pioneers of the chemical industry. Its impact on the town can still be felt today.

Facts & Figures